Hi, I'm Owen Sherlock

More about me

Possibly my finest (or possibly worst) feature is that I'm totally dissatisfied with my own expertise.

This might be the reason I've revealed a specific talent for maths as well as physics. Merely understanding is never sufficient for me; I need to minimum aim to rigorously understand the reasoning behind the maths I do, then, take my knowledge to its limitations. Profusely asking why something is the way it is, possibly to the annoyance of my speakers, is something I'm forced to do. I, in addition to lots of others, consider this Socratic approach of discovering and also teaching to be unbelievably useful in constructing an essential understanding of maths and physics from standard concepts, and I endeavour to enlighten in specifically this way.

I wish I could inspire trainees with my intense love of maths and physics or, at least, reveal the subjects as far less difficult than they show up. Normally not every person is a mathematician, and also various minds discover at various paces, nevertheless I will certainly intend to leave a long-term and advantageous impact.